Make sure ads reach the right audience at the right time

Ensure bad data doesn't get in the way of optimizing your ad spend with Validio's real-time monitoring and anomaly detection


Improved RoaS


Ad spend to data stack spend ratio


Ad spend compared to annual revenue

Validio is used by

  • CMOs
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Performance marketers
  • Data engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Heads of data
  • Catch and fix data issues in real-time

    Ensure the accuracy and completeness of your data by detecting issues as soon as they appear in your tracking and reporting systems, and understand what went wrong with Validio's root-cause analysis features.

    Avoid biased data and data drifts

    Stay clear of data bias by knowing what data reflects the diversity and preferences of your target audience. You can also monitor your data for any underlying data drifts over time due to shifts in the customer base or spend patterns.

    Optimize balance between automation and manual oversight

    Keep human oversight on the data quality of your automatic bidding to optimize the ad spend. Use Validio to distinguish between true data quality issues, and shifts in data caused by actual real-life events.

    Used by individuals and teams at some of the world's best companies

    We use Validio to validate data for our Customer Lifetime Value predictions. Since we invest millions of EUR in algorithmic performance marketing, we must reach the most high-value customers. Bad data is a blocker to achieving this, and Validio is our central line of defense.

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    Marcus SvenssonHead of Data Science, Babyshop Group

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