Validio was purpose-built for streaming data validation

Detect hidden anomalies and improve the data quality of your streams in real-time


in-depth monitoring that reveals anomalies hidden in subsegments of your data


detection of issues soon as they appear in your streams


thresholds that use machine learning to adapt to your data patterns

Validio is used for

  • IoT predictive maintenance
  • Fraud detection
  • Online advertising
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Route optimization
  • Instantly detect subtle but harmful anomalies

    using Validio's real-time anomaly detection on a segment-by-segment level.

    Enable rapid resolution by informing the right people immediately

    Get automated alerts through Slack or Teams, and integrate with your existing issue-tracking tools.

    Increase production uptime for your equipment and applications

    by ensuring clean data in your event streams and notifying as soon as predictive maintenance is needed.

    Trusted by industry leaders across the world

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